About the Friends

Our History

The Friends of the North Carolina Accessible Books and Library Services was chartered as a North Carolina nonprofit corporation in March 1990 and received its 501(c)3 tax exempt status in January 1992.

Photo of James Benton by bust of Helen Keller on GMS campus.

The Friends is a membership-based organization that provides monetary and advocacy support to the NC Accessible Books and Library Services. Through the annual fees members pay, as well as donations and bequests, the Friends are able to provide tangible support to existing Library programs and promote several projects and advocacy activities designed to engage and support the blind and visually impaired community in literacy. Reading is what the Library is all about, and the Friends support that cause wholeheartedly.

Funds raised by the Friends have been invested wisely, allowing us to enhance library services beyond what the actual State budget provides annually. All donations to the Friends are tax deductible.

Our Mission

The purpose of this organization shall be:

  • to promote the development of excellent library service to the citizens of our state who are blind or print disabled
  • to support, either directly or indirectly, the programs of the library and to offer advice when appropriate
  • to foster closer relations between our library and the citizens of our state
  • to promote knowledge of the library's functions, resources, services and needs
  • to provide the means for members to exchange ideas, information and experience so that all may read

Our Vision

Photo of Marti Miller recording in a booth at the Library.

We shall be known for exemplary support, through fundraising, advocacy, volunteer efforts and communication, of the NC Accessible Books and Library Services, as we develop programs and services for the citizens of North Carolina.