Braille Literacy Grant Information

Braille Literacy Grant Information (Revised, 11/15/2022)

I. Braille Literacy Grant Description

The Friends of the NC Accessible Books and Library Services (FNCABLS)   seek to award two separate grants, up to $1,000, to address braille literacy among children and adults in North Carolina. Individuals as well as organizations are welcome to apply. Proposals are expected to address the needs of children and/or adults who are visually impaired (VI) in braille literacy efforts such as, but not limited to, training, services, education, and outreach.  Preferential consideration will be given to eligible individuals or organizations whose proposals align with the grant priorities as outlined.  The Braille Literacy Grant has been established to fill a gap in funding for braille training, programs, and services. Financial need is a priority and will be considered once all other local, state, and/or federal resources have been exhausted. When necessary, applicants will be referred to alternative, existing resources better suited to address the proposal request.

Please note:  Friends of the NCABLS board members, in addition to Braille Literacy Grant committee members, are restricted from submitting proposals.  Spouses, domestic partners, and family members who reside with a Friends’ board member or Braille Literacy Grant committee member are likewise restricted from participation.

II. Eligibility 
(Award recipients will be eligible to submit a new RFP three years following the date of their grant award.)
  1. Individuals:
  • Medically diagnosed Visual impairment
  • Parent of a child with a medically diagnosed Visual impairment
  • NC resident
  • Professionals in the VI field
  • Demonstrated financial need
  1. Organizations:
  • 501(c)3
  • Public/private schools, libraries, institutions of higher learning
  • Proposals serving NC residents
  • Most recent 990, if applicable
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Organizations already receiving funding from Friends of NCABLS will not be eligible for Braille literacy grants.  
III. Proposal Considerations
  • Braille instruction for youth and/or adults
  • Providing/developing braille training materials
  • Purchase of braille devices/materials for training
  • Professional development focused on braille literacy (braille use, teaching methods and training)
  • Programs/activities that promote the use of braille (educational/career fairs, competitions, displays, etc.)
  • Support the continuation of existing programs/activities focused on braille literacy
  • Purchase of developmental and educational tactile learning devices that promote the learning process.

IV. Priority consideration will be given to proposals...
  • From Friends of the NCABLS members (Excluding those who are restricted as mentioned in the grant description.)
  • With programs/projects with staff who are VI
  • For professionals who are VI
  • From organizations with members who are VI on the board
  • That demonstrate a history of serving individuals who are VI
V. Application process:
  • Carefully read the grant description, eligibility, and priorities
  • Submit the application by the designated deadline (be sure to sign and date the online or paper application where designated.)
  • Grant proposals will be accepted beginning November 15, 2022 through May 1, 2023.  Paper applications are due by close of business May 1, 2023.
  • If necessary, selected applicants will be contacted by email to schedule a virtual interview.
  • Award recipients will receive email notification by June 30, 2023.
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