James Benton Braille Writer

The Friends of the North Carolina Library for the Blind (FNCLBPH)  is a 501C3 nonprofit organization that supports the programs and services of the North Carolina Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. We passionately support the mission of the Library by providing financial support to augment the state and federal funding received by the library. 

The FNCLBPH is very excited to announce the James Benton Braille Writer Program. James was a long-time supporter and friend to the FNCLBPH, a strong advocate and user of braille, and a long-time patron of the NC Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. 

This new program has been developed to assist individuals who are in need of securing a Braille writer for their personal use. Braille writers are very expensive, and this prevents many individuals from being able to obtain a braile writer. We have found over the years that many persons who have lost their sight and who are not in a position to receive services from other institutions and/or  resources are not able to personally  acquire a braille writer for their own use. These individuals  are unable to develop appropriate Braille skills that will allow them to gain independence and develop the only true form of written communication for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. This braille writer program will assist these individuals  with the ability to obtain a braille writer for their own use. The FNCLBPH has received a commitment from an authorized Braille writer repair specialist to bring used equipment up to code. This equipment will be given to a qualifying individual who has no other resources available to them to acquire a braille writer.  It is our goal that this program will empower many Braille users across our state to further their ability to live independently by being able to read and write in their own medium.  Braille Writer Program Information

How To Apply:
Please complete and submit the following application: Braille Writer Program Application Form
Funding is limited for this program, but we will make every effort to fulfill all request received. A committee will review the application,  and once approved, a braille writer will be sent to the applicant.  Possession of this equipment will belong to the applicant for their personal use. Any maintenance or repairs to the braille writer will be the responsibility of the recipient.

At any time, if this equipment is not being used, it can be returned to the Friends of the Library for the Blind to be reassigned to another qualifying individual. If you have any questions, please contact Eddie Weaver at 910-619-4084 or send an email to info@friendsnclbph.org.

How to Donate Used Braille Writers:
If you have a Braille writer sitting around your home, on a shelf in the office, or abandoned in a storage unit, and you would like to see it serving an individual on a regular basis, please contact Eddie Weaver at 919-900-8780 or send an email to info@friendsnclbph.org. These donated braille writers will be rehabilitated and made available to individuals who will use them in their daily lives. 

To find out more about the Friends of the Library for the Blind and how we support the Library for the Blind, go to the Friends website at www.friendsnclbph.org or follow us on Facebook.